In 2008, we expanded our operations to the manufacture and installation of precast hollow core slabs. We acquired state-of-art technology from Elematic in Finland to make sure we produce high quality slabs.
We provide a complete service, from design by our in-house design team to manufacture in our purpose-built factory and finally installation by experienced teams.


We upgraded the factory and stockyard recently to increase the capacity of production and included new technology from German company, Weiler. With these new extensions, we have created better turnaround times, higher production levels, better handling of panels (by use of extended stock yard), quicker loading of trucks which in the end has an enormously positive outcome for all involved.

We are still learning on a daily basis and we put every bit of knowledge and experience gained to use by continually improving and exceeding clients’ expectations in terms of customer service, quality in our products and durability of their structures.

The Portland Hollowcore production plant, which situated at the Durbanville quarry premises, produces an average of 700 square metres of precast slabs per day.




Precast Technology

Precast hollow core slabs are among the most advanced products in the precast concrete industry. It has quickly become a cost-effective alternative to poured and traditional concrete methods. Portland’s hollow core panels are manufactured using the extrusion method.