Portland's Concrete Recycling System

Portland imported and installed the Bibko concrete recycling system ComTec during August 2014. This system has had a major influence on the production and environmental benefits of the Portland Readymix plant.

For any ready mix supplier, wastage and returns of concrete is always a problem. This system completely eliminates the need to waste concrete, to dump returns and to pay for the removal of waste.

After each delivery the trucks return to be quickly and efficiently washed. All aggregates are recovered and the cement water is pumped into a separate dam, where it is reused during the mix of new loads. The recycling of the aggregates and water causes immediate saving of precious natural resources and finances.

The reuse of resources means that the plant will in effect be paid back within 3 years from installation. Within two months more than 300 tons of aggregates have been recovered.

The system is user friendly and can be used by any general labourer. There is no need for special training and each drivers cleans his own truck with this automatic system. There are two buttons, one for rinsing and one for mixing. The machinery only requires basic ongoing maintenance, to be kept clean.

The constant recycling ensures for a clean plant with no slush and leaving a smaller carbon foot print. The trucks are constantly clean and there is no more build up in the mixing drums. Trucks can have more efficient usage, with fast cleaning and loading, resulting in better turnaround times.

Portland has incorporated this recycling plant into the improvements and facelifts that the company is undergoing, with the recent upgrade of electrical wiring at the aggregate plant and also current upgrade of the precast hollow core factory. New machinery is also on its way from Weiler in Germany for the installation of new casting beds, a new casting machine and the upgraded stock yard.

Bibko Systems Article 

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