• We make the world we live and we shape our own environment
  • Without environmental sustainability and economic stability, social cohesion cannot be achieved
  • In nature, nothing exists alone
  • The environment is everything that isn't me


Portland Quarry is nestled between the Diep River and Tygerberg mountain range and surrounded by mostly farm land. The river forms the natural border of the north-western part of the Quarry, providing a bio-diverse ecosystem with an impressive variety of fauna and flora on its banks.
We care about the environment surrounding us and one of our key concerns is the deterioration of the water quality of the river system and the irreversible impact that could have on the various animal species, and also the people who depend on it.
We are continuously improving the ways in which we reduce water, air and ground pollution
While our products are already ecologically friendly, we are in an ongoing process to improve this to ensure sustainable water, energy and other natural-resource savings for the future.

Health & Safety

At Portland we believe that the effective control of risk and occupational illness is an integral part of business and we make every effort to identify any potential risks. Once identified, we focus on reducing, preventing and eliminating these risks so that no-one suffers any loss whatsoever.
Our people are what makes our business work so personal accident prevention, training and efficient production go hand in hand. Every employee should be able to work in a safe, clean and healthy environment and we make sure that is the norm.
Portland Quarry resides under the Mine Health and Safety Act and we use this Act to guide our Loss Control, Safety and Occupational Health program. Together with our employees we work to prevent injury, eliminate damage to equipment, reduce wastage of material and minimize business interruptions.


We value all stakeholders in our business, not only our clients (although they are our top priority) and to that end we are implementing the ISO 9001:2015 quality management in all our business units. We are very proud to say we have already obtained certification for our Hollowcore business unit.

Social & Economic Development

Portland Quarry’s Social & Labour Plan (as required by the Department of Mineral Resources) is focussed on uplifting the community around us through various initiatives.
We also contribute to Olympians Social Development & Education, a non-profit organisation that provides mentoring programs to youth and adults in the rural areas, sub-economic areas and local areas. OSDE’s goal is to foster a commitment to youth in these areas that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reassert a sense of hope for the future.